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2034: Evangelical secret agents, villainous fast-food moguls, the voice of God in computer software, violence in the Bermuda Triangle! George W. Bush’s foreign policy vindicated by a quick victory in Iraq, lucrative invasions of Egypt and Syria followed, bringing unparalleled prosperity to America and setting off thirty years of right-wing rule. But when a war in Iran goes bad–and the resulting cover-up goes worse–the democrats reclaim the presidency. This is the time of Pax Americana and its zealous anti-hero, government agent Tuck Squires.

Reading the ironic silences between the lines of the thriller, and roaring like a jet engine, Pax Americana is a sacrilegious, conspiratorial monster; like a literary dogfight between Martin Amis and Robert Anton Wilson, loaded with prophecy, Baumeister’s debut is an exorcism and an antidote for our era.


“Ambitious, fearless, and frequently brilliant, Pax Americana is a speedball of religion and politics delivered in a steel syringe of adrenalin. In the mad, mad world of a not-implausible future, Baumeister posits the larger question of which deity we’re destined to worship: The God of the bible or the god of technology?”

– Chuck Greaves, author of Hard Twisted and Tom & Lucky

“Kurt Baumeister has more fun with language than any novelist since Money-era Martin Amis. I haven’t read such marvelously obsessive prose in years.”

-Darin Strauss, Bestselling Author of The Real McCoy and Half a Life, Winner National Book Critics Circle Award

“If there is to be an American peace, it’s certainly not going to come on the pages of this lit match of a novel. Kurt Baumeister has fashioned exactly the old school pre-and-post Bond techno X-travaganza everyone bored with explorations of the Louvre has been waiting for. Pax Americana is both dark satire and deeply satisfying, an adrenaline rush that runs through suspect politics, spirituality software, and the sacredly profane. It’s a blast. Buy it now.”

-Sean Beaudoin, author of Welcome Thieves

“Like an episode of Archer written by Kurt Vonnegut, Baumeister takes us into a hilarious and high-velocity world of espionage and global politics in this send-up of God, country, and the possibility of doing good in a world gone bad. It’s fast-paced fun, watch out for paper cuts as the pages fly by.”

-Shya Scanlon, author Forecast, Border Run, and The Guild of Saint Cooper

“Filled with lush imagery, lyricism, and absurdity, Pax Americana brings into relief the subtext of political power. Kurt Baumeister has an eerily prescient grasp of entitlement in this century and is fearless about imagining the consequences when pushed to its logical conclusion. A daringly imaginative book.”

-Thaisa Frank, author of Heidegger’s Glasses and Enchantment

“Hang on tight, because the thriller’s been reinvented, smartened up, and rendered blazingly funny in Kurt Baumeister’s wild, raucous ride of a novel. Spiritual, sly, and so fast-paced you could get whiplash. Truly, Pax Americana is hilarity with heart.”

-Caroline Leavitt, author of Cruel Beautiful World and New York Times Bestselling author of Is This Tomorrow and Pictures of You

“Slangy, irreverent, and terribly comic, Baumeister’s Pax Americana is a satirical ode to America Past, Present, and Future. A cruise missile aimed straight at the heart of religious extremism, this is a book you need to read. Before it’s too late.”

-Ted Heller, author of Slab Rat, Funnymen, and Pocket Kings

“In a strange and wonderful mixture of Octavia Butler and Tom Robbins, Baumeister has written a story that is fresh in its narrative and frightful in its truths.”

-Traci Foust, author of Nowhere Near Normal and Love and Xanax